We have 105 Hectares of Prime land for Residential Development for Sale

We have lowered the prices on our 2 incredible properties, engineered for developing a residential project, to make a quick sale even more attractive to any buyer.

If you are a project developer, you couldn’t find a better option to do your next home or condo construction project.

It is impossible to find a better price per m2 of land than the sale price of this property, with a similar location, views, and access. This development-ready property is located near Balsa, just 2 km from Route 27 and about 49 kilometers from San José. Located in front of the Lake Chucás.

We are motivated to sell, so we just reduced the prices:

499,771 M2 or 125 Acres at $2.63/m2 = US $1,315,000 (was $5.25/m2)
550,373 M2 or 137 Acres at $1.94/m2 = US $1,068,000 (was $3.95/m2)

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Cadastre Plans

Here you can download the following plans:


Here you can download the zoning for each farm:


Here you can download the video: [DOWNLOAD VIDEO]


Here you can download images of the property: [DOWNLOAD PHOTO PACKAGE]

Here you can download written content for your website:


This property has a quiet but super accessible location. We listed the property under the name of Atenas, as it is the closest city. But legally the property belongs to Picagres, canton of Mora (Ciudad Colon).

The farm is located very close to the National Technical University (former Livestock School) in Rio Grande de Atenas.

From the Route 27 interchange, access is paved up to only 300 meters before reaching the farms. Enel, the largest electricity generation company in Italy, built a dam for a local energy project and created a lake adjacent to the farms for the residential project.

This allows the community to have views of the beautiful lake from the houses and condos.

Exit on Highway #27:

Salida Balsa en Ruta 27

Farms to Develop

Property # 1 is perfect for building 6 apartment towers, as it has an almost flat part facing a public street. The rest of the property is designed for individual residences with common areas with amenities such as swimming pools, trails and others.

Property # 2 is perfect for creating a magnificent residential complex with 7,000 m2 lots to build houses with an extraordinary view of the mountain, the valley and views of the lake.


For any developer, permits are a priority, and the owners of this project have already done many preliminary studies and permits that are available to interested parties, such as:

Certificate of Potential Environmental Viability

If you wish, we can provide you with updated preliminary studies, including:

  • (a) The cadastral status of the properties;
  • (b) Land use and zoning regulations (classification, density, coverage);
  • (c) The general review of local government regulations and restrictions;
  • (d) The availability of infrastructure services, such as: roads, sewage disposal, drainage, electric power, voice / data.

Master Plan

We offer buyers master plan files that you can download here:


According to our Environmental Consultant, a concession to use a spring in a property can be made in a short period of time, which is estimated to be less than six (6) months. With pleasure, after a tour of the property, we can allow you to review all the documents that we have available for the project.

We Work With Real Estate Brokers!

If you are interested in a visit to the farms or receive additional information:
Contact us for an appointment or call Ivo at +506 8834-4515