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Let’s think about it!

We all live in a dynamic environment. Some of it is caused by others; some of it we cause ourselves.   When you look at the news, does it appear the world is out of control and those who are supposed to manage things never do their job correctly?  Under such circumstance, can we look for and hope for a better situation? Some of us are passive in our approach to life’s changes. Others take actions to try and shape our environment to meet our goals.  Do you know which you are? Are you satisfied with your approach to change?

Finding the Right Place

Ricovida was conceived as an action to shape the environment to meet the goal of an ideal place for retirement. It was the result of years of searching for the right place. The ‘right place’ is not the same for everyone. For some it is just more of the same but with less pressure or stress.  For others it is a place with better weather or where services are more appropriate for our stage in life.  The one thing that is often not considered when picking the ‘right place’ is that things continue to change. It may be right today, but not tomorrow. Have you considered this? What affects your decision about the ‘Right Place”?

Lists & Changes

The story of Ricovida involves lots of change: Personal, external events, time and attitudes.  Let’s start with what it was supposed to be.  I have a list…. Making a list, already tells you this is not a passive approach to getting something done. Do you keep lists? If yes, please put sharing this blog with at least 5 other people on your list. It will allow me to put a check on my list. Is that too many lists?

Ricovida Objectives:

  1. Be a place that provides active life transitions (Physical & Emotional)
  2. A place where diverse people can live well
  3. An opportunity to be part of an active community
  4. A place of happiness – Not a place to wither and die
  5. Affordable & accessible
  6. Safe
  7. Good weather
  8. Good services & accommodations
  9. Stimulating and Interesting
  10. The Essence of Ricovida is it’s Name: Rich Life

Does Ricovida achieve these objectives? Stay tuned….


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