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(aka ‘Ricovida bulletin #2’)

Costa Rica – “Pura Vida”, a phrase that is very common throughout the country. It implies a lot of things, but in general it means a full life or a life that goes well. It is about a culture and environment that brings balance to living; something that many people strive for, all their lives.

The opportunity to achieve this balance is one of the primary objectives of the Ricovida Project. This name is an attempt to build on the Pura Vida concept. It is intended to be just a little better, in the sense of being not only full, but ‘Rich’. A rich life is one that allows the participant to experience all the aspects of living with the option to be involved as much or as little as you chose. The key is to have a place where such options are possible. This is the foundation of Ricovida in Costa Rica.

maps_previewDuring the next few months, this blog will try to share all the pieces of the project and in doing so, find individuals or organizations that would like to take the project to the next stage or two, participate in some other fashion, or start fresh with an outstanding piece of property. You may not be the person to pick up the challenge, but as you learn about the project, perhaps you will share it with others. Eventually, we will find the right arrangement to make this happen.

We think this is an exciting story, but it takes time to tell it properly. So we want you to please follow us to learn about this great opportunity, and share it with others.

By the way, if you got our first blog and wondered why there was no follow-up, we had a little side excursion. Google came along and set-up new mobile search criteria. Consequently, we needed to update our blog and web site structure. It is now done. The web site looks a bit different and much better. Now we will revise and update the content. It should be easier to follow, which we hope you will do. And please tell your friends and family to visit our site.


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